2018 Core Research Facilities - Annual Symposium

Fri 7 December 2018 @ 11:00 am - 5:30 pm FREE!
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2018 Core Research Facilities - Annual Symposium - Messel Theatre, Level 3 - Camperdown - NSW
Welcome to the Core Research Facilities Annual Symposium

The University’s Core Research Facilities provide access to world-class research infrastructure and offer a range of research services that assist researchers to tackle the most important questions in their fields. The facilities are designed for use by scientists spanning the physical, medical, life and engineering sciences and throughout the humanities and social sciences. They serve as a focal point for collaborations and partnerships between researchers from diverse disciplines to address frontier research questions.

Join us for the Core Research Facilities Annual Symposium where we will exhibit our cutting-edge research capacity, highlighting our extensive upcoming program of instrument upgrades and new installations, and how these will provide our researchers with a competitive edge in 2018 and beyond.

Event Program:

11.00am - 11.15am: Opening remarks & welcome

11.15am - 12.15pm: Keynote Lecture and Q&A - Professor Fernando Calamante, the University of Sydney (Sydney Imaging)

12.15pm - 1.15pm: Lunch, Exhibition & Tours of Sydney Nanoscience Hub

1.15pm - 4.10pm : Core Research Facilities - Research Program & Presentations

4.10pm - 4.15pm: Closing Remarks

4.10pm - 5.30pm: Networking & Drinks

Our Core Research Facilities:

Sydney Imaging

Offering world-class imaging capabilities such as preclinical and clinical modalities, and a world-class hybrid theatre, Sydney Imaging is a unique facility for research and education in the field of biomedical science as well as raining and development of specialised and complex surgical skills.

Research & Prototype Foundry

Based at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub, the Research & Prototype Foundry offers precise fabrication of nanostructures in a purpose-built cleanroom with extremely precise regulation of temperature, humidity, light and air composition, vibrations and electromagnetic interference.

Sydney Analytical

This facility is dedicated to material, chemical and biological analysis offering flagship capabilities for vibrational spectroscopy, x-ray analysis and magnetic resonance, as well as expert technical guidance, to support researchers as they address their most challenging research priorities.

Sydney Cytometry

Jointly operated by the University of Sydney and the Centenary Institute, Sydney Cytometry provides access to and training in cytometry and cell-sorting techniques for researchers both internal and external to the University.

Sydney Informatics Hub

The Sydney Informatics Hub supports researchers who rely on data analytics, statistical and High Performance Computing processing, the management and retrieval of information, and its transformation into knowledge across disciplines.

Sydney Mass Spectrometry

This core research facility, based in the CPC’s Research and Education Hub, supports research with a global impact in the areas of proteomics, metabolomics and mass spectrometry imaging. We have a suite of sixteen mass spectrometers, ranging from triple quads to Orbitraps.

Sydney Microscopy & Mircoanalysis

One of the largest and most comprehensive facilities of its kind in the world, Sydney Microscopy & Microanalysis enables insights into how materials work – at the scale of living cells, tissue, molecules, crystals or even individual atoms.
Fri 7 December 2018
11:00 am - 5:30 pm
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Messel Theatre, Level 3
Sydney Nanoscience Hub A31,
Physics Rd,
2006, Australia