Bucket Lounge presents

Thu 7 December 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm FREE!
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Bucket Lounge presents -  - Glebe - NSW
We're gonna bring you more voices on Thursday night ~ live and original voicesღ Dr TAOS returns with his swamp blues and bringing the ever gorgeous Ella Carstein and her delightful violin; Jessey Napa with his fused soft lyric, folk driven, with tinges of hard hitting rock music. New to our stage is Stewart Says a duo influenced by different genres but is anchored by a folk rhythm guitar overlaid with Stewart's moody and distinctive vocal style. Also new is Rhymes With Winter, a duo with many a tale to tell. Bucket Lounge exists so as to give a platform to independent artists and performers to perform their original material. You will often see names on our bill unknown to you. That's a good thing! A big part of our ethos is the element of discovery. Come and discover… Doors open at 12noon, music kicks off at 7:30pm in the Malt Room upstairs at Staves Brewery in Glebe. Craft beers, pizza & live music. The bucket will be there… fill it with your love when it comes around for this is how we pay the performersღ Park for free when you park AFTER 6pm in the Broadway shopping carpark. Celebrate live music and performance ~ see you there…
Thu 7 December 2017
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Staves Brewery, 4-8 Grose Street, Glebe,