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Mon 1 January 2018 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm FREE!
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Business Model Innovation Masterclass - Register Your Interest For 2018 - Sydney - NSW
Register your interest for 2018

As International Strategy & Business Designers, we are delighted to be hosting our 2-Day Business Model Innovation Masterclass.

During this masterclass, we combine the Business Model Canvas with other innovation techniques and visual tools, designing innovative business models and a strategy for the future.

“The method of Business Models Inc. provides you a roadmap to unlock solutions that are literally in the room. It’s a step-by-step guide to creating intense engagement and encourages diverse and unique points of view. This leads to a powerful shared vision and strategic plan coupled with a pragmatic execution plan.”

George Borst, CEO Toyota Financial Services (USA)

New tools for strategy and innovation

We live in a time where little is predictable. Organizations must continuously innovate their business model in order to stay profitable. We need new skills, tools and a new mindset. Managers have to think as designers, use visual tools, make future scenarios, generate different options, innovate like a startup and make and test prototypes. During this masterclass, you will not only work with the Business Model Canvas, but also with other visual tools for Business Model Innovation, such as the Vision Canvas, Context Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Customer Journey and Lean Startup Thinking.

The Business Model Innovation Process

We will take you through the Business Model Innovation Process. Focusing on different innovative business models – from startups to corporates in different industries – he inspires you to innovate your own business model. Besides that, you get insights in visualization techniques for business modeling. After the masterclass, you will be able to apply these techniques to your own organization.


Block 1: Business Modeling as a Strategy Tool – new tools, skills, mindset

The world is changing faster and faster…

We need new tools, skills and a new mindset

The Business Model Canvas and the Business Model Innovation Process

The CEO as a designer

Block 2: Experience the Business Model Canvas – innovative business models

Freshwatching: learn from other organizations

Explore the Business Model Canvas

Visualisation & Storytelling

Block 3: Business Model Understanding – Vision Canvas & Context Canvas

What does your business model look like?

What is happening in the world around you?

Translate your vision into your business model

Using the Vision Canvas & Context Canvas

Block 4: Value Proposition Canvas – what is the job you get done?

Gain better insights of your customers

Design a better value proposition

Customer Journey & Customer Safari


Block 1: Business Model Inspiration – business models of the future

How the business landscape continues to change

Trends & Developments

Examples of innovative and disruptive business models.

Design your business models of the future

Block 2: Business Model Innovation – business model innovation process

Visual tools & techniques for business model innovation

Understanding business model patterns

Develop at least two new business model options for your business

Block 3: Business Models Mechanics – are you ready for the future?

Introduction to Business Model Mechanics

Compete with your business model

Differentiate with your business model

Case studies from our international practice

Block 4: Business Model Validation – think as a Startup

Introduction to Lean Startup Thinking

Test your assumptions and business model options in the market

Get out of the building

Validate and implement

Both days start at 09.00 and end at 17.00.

Book for each participant

Participants get the book Business Model Generation produced by Patrick van der Pijl (if you already have the book, you can pick any other book we are connected to).

Cost $2200 (including GST)

What did participants say

“I attended the 2-day Masterclass Business Model Innovation by Patrick van der Pijl and Maaike Doyer. The masterclass was fast paced, promoted forward thinking, allowing you to see tomorrow. They really pushed me to think differently. The innovative and visual tools helped me to unlock the potential. They are both masters at work. Many thanks for an outstanding 2 days.” Tony de Graaf, COO, Corio (Germany)

“Good high level overview, great workshop format, practical cases and collaboration with others, never boring!” Dimitri Degraeve, Head of Product Management Software & Services Elster (Belgium)

“Very inspiring and fast paced! Creating new business models on the go using different tools and another mindset”Aurelie Verite, 6Nergy Group (France)

Register your interest

If you'd like to learn more and are interested in participating in the workshop, register your interest here and we'll be in touch.
Mon 1 January 2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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