Conquer The 2 Most Common Obstacles To Scaling Your Small Business

Sat 21 July 2018 @ 9:00 am - 1:30 pm FREE!
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Conquer The 2 Most Common Obstacles To Scaling Your Small Business - City of Sydney RSL - Sydney - NSW
The Facts:61% of Australian businesses are sole traders *But the survival rate of sole trader business is just 45% – the lowest of all58% of small business owners earn $50,000 or less per annum

The reality is that scaling a small business is hardest for those that startwith the least resources, now matter how solid your business model is.

Do any of these sound familiar?

- Instead of giving you satisfaction, freedom and lifestyle, your business is holding you prisoner?- You’re unable to ever take a break, fearing your business will collapse?- You’re not making enough money to pay for staff, yet you’re working crazy hours just to keep up.- You’re constantly worrying ‘What happens if I have an accident? Will this pressure ever end? Maybe I would have been better off with a job!’

Well, you’re not alone … help is at hand ... YOU don’t have to be a statistic - not any more!

A few hours with me can put you on the right track to change everything.

My name is Rick Chisholm and I’ve founded 30+ businesses over the last 3 decades with direct sales revenues well over $300mil.

But a couple of years into my first business I was frustrated, worn out, broke and alone. I felt like giving up.

I was trapped by my own business, working 100-hour weeks, living on breadcrumbs and had zero social life.

Well, that was 35 years ago, and since then I’ve learnt a trick or two. Now I’d love to share with you all the tricks I’ve learned to help you out of your hole, get you hiring, and start scaling your business TODAY.

Now in an intensive Saturday morning's training, you can gain the benefit of my 30+ years in business for free.

I will share with you my proven formula to unlock more Time and Money in your Business today, for a better, more comfortable life.

This is the sort of training they never teach you in business school.

Session 1: The Art of Bootstrapping: How to run your business on a shoestring budget

- Outsourcing: the benefits and how to find good reliable staff at 1/10th the cost of employing locally while still being able to monitor their work.- Free, low cost- and low tech tools for DIY website building, ad creation, graphics and much more- Rethinking your ultimate Business equation to keep your efforts and costs laser focused on what brings the results- How Parkinson’s law costs you valuable profits- Fastest ways to find savings in your business even if you thought you’re already running on the smell of an oily rag!- Alternative funding sources when the banks won’t play along

Session 2: Time and Productivity: Unlocking hours of productivity from every week in your business

- Identifying which tasks should NEVER be done by you (even if you enjoy doing them)- Using free automation tools to get reliable repeatable results- Planning and goal setting methods to quadruple your efficiency and effectiveness- How deciding to be ‘lazy’ can save your business- Tools for systemising your processes to reduce mistakes and training time- How perfectionism could be costing your thousands and where to draw the line

If this is not worth the investment of your time, then what is??

Here's what other small business owners like yourself had to say about my training …

“Incredible wealth of knowledge and great directions to managing and growing a successful business. Rick is a seasoned entrepreneur!“

Ishwar Shretha– Ishwar Shretha –AWL Accounting

“Shortly after transitioning my part-time business to a full-time venture, I found myself needing to secure more regular, on-going business opportunities. I have worked with Rick and Tala for some time and found that their no-fuss approach to business resonated with me. They have helped me clarify my thoughts and begin to structure some robust business processes, delivering immediate results.““

Michel Nicholson Picture– Michel Nicholson –Automation Squared
Sat 21 July 2018
9:00 am - 1:30 pm
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