Design On Show: Creative Artificial Intelligence

Sat 25 November 2017 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm FREE!
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Design On Show: Creative Artificial Intelligence - Surry Hills Library - Surry Hills - NSW
In partnership with University of New South Wales Art & Design, join leading designers, Oliver Bown and Kazjon Grace, in a talk and Q&A. Discussing emerging techniques for automating the creation of art, music, literature, architecture and object design, they ask – is this the death of all authors?

Known by various names from procedural content creation to creative artificial intelligence or AI, these developments are transforming the creative industries. Architects are optimising generative building designs with automated building analytics tools and companies are offering computer-generated music at reduced cost.

Our experts consider how generative technologies might respond to the demands of augmented and virtual reality content creation. They look at how music consumers and gamers might start to create their own soundtracks as well as how the automated generation of memes may contribute to ‘fake news.’

Oliver Bown

Senior Lecturer at the Interactive Media Lab at the University of New South Wales, Oliver’s background spans social anthropology, evolutionary and adaptive systems, music informatics and interaction design. Working with creative technologies, he’s created interactive works including Vivid Sydney and Aphex Twin.

Kazjon (Kaz) Grace

Lecturer in Computational Design at the University of Sydney, Kazjon’s research explores how computers can act as partners, rather than tools, in the design process. Kaz focuses on systems that inspire curiosity and encourage broader horizons: to eat and read more diversely and overcome design fixation.

Interactive Media Lab

An initiative of University of New South Wales Art & Design, this is a new open-access facility. Students and staff are welcome to share skills, discuss ideas and experiment with creative coding methods and interactive technologies.

This free series is suitable for adults with an interest in creative design. Places are limited, so bookings are essential.

Surry Hills Library is wheelchair friendly with an accessible toilet.
Sat 25 November 2017
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Surry Hills Library
405 Crown Street,
Surry Hills,
2010, Australia