e v e r y – w h e n : Sensory displays of affection & alight

Thu 20 September 2018 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm FREE!
e v e r y – w h e n : Sensory displays of affection & alight -  - North Sydney - NSW
Installation piece, multimedia, dimensions variable. “We are all interconnected through the fabric of time, the entanglement of space, and the molecular structure of matter and particles that weave and shape our ‘Mulitverse’. I am investigating how we could visualise and pictorially translate that cosmological fabric or ‘Multiverse’ through drawings, natural matter and coil woven objects, to form a multilayered visual landscape that poetically asks us to look down at the infinitesimal details of nature, and feel the beauty and poetry that quietly surrounds us ‘every –when’.” – Michele Morcos Opening night Thursday 20 September 6-8pm Free drinks Free public event – Afternoon residency at Bridget Kennedy Project Space Saturday 22 September, 11-4pm Michele Morcos will be working on coil weaving and drawing projects in the gallery for the day and will be talking about her work and giving demonstrations on the techniques and ideas that run through her multimedia art practice.
Thu 20 September 2018
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
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53 Ridge St, North Sydney Nsw 2060, Australia,
North Sydney,