Explaining What You Do To Appear The Best (Without Showing Off) + Master Coach

Tue 16 April 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm FREE!
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Explaining What You Do To Appear The Best (Without Showing Off) + Master Coach - WeWork Pyrmont - Pyrmont - NSW
We will have a special intimate session this coming Tuesday the 16th with myself and Master Coach - Richmond Dinh - the Coach of Coaches.We will show you how to craft what you say to others - personally as in a networking situation, in a pitch or interview situation or in a presentation - to leave no doubt that you are brilliant at what you do.And to do so whilst appearing to be completely humble and modest.

Coach of CoachesAround 2 years ago, Richmond joined my Speaking Club and got coached on his first speech, the first of a series of talks I helped coach him on.I coached him on explaining to people who he was and what he does in a way which impinged both emotionally and gave him value as an expert.Within 6 months, Richmond was speaking professionally launching his Coaching business selling out of his his Optometry business.After hitting his first half a million dollars ($500K) in his coaching business, Richmond has started teaching others how to do it. Coaches have now been hitting $125K after 3 months of business.The insights we will apply will help you in your professional career, service business or coaching.We will cover:1. HOW TO EFFORTLESSLY MAKE PEOPLE REALISE YOU ARE THE BEST - and what most people actually say actually does the opposite.2. HOW TO TURN YOUR SERVICE serious income - one you and others realise your value.Richmond will also speak about how to do that as an aspiring coach or expert - giving you information he charges hundreds of dollars an hour for.

HOW TO BECOME THE STAND OUT IN THE CROWDSome coaches never sell or get more than a few 'worthwhile' clients. 96% fail or perhaps are only earning $30K PA after a year.Many professionals never get promoted above middle management or get the top jobs.Most Aspiring Service Businesses simply fail to grow and end up surviving on below what a salary would pay.There is a Science of Packaging what you say you do which is consistent with both your personality and true value.Some examples of what I will go through includes:- How to explain someone's problem to them better than they could have explained themselves (if they had even thought about it).- How to answer a question about yourself, which is 75% shorter than others would give, but makes you sound 1000% (no understatement) better.- How to structure a presentation or talk which not only demonstrates you as an expert, but makes you appear the ONLY expert who can do what you do.Pardon the short notice (I need coaching on my organisation skills). The last few events have been fantastic (see picture above of last one at this venue) despite short notices with rave reviews.Look forward to seeing you there. There is street parking available. It is a stone's thrown from Star City Casino (the Light Rail)
Tue 16 April 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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WeWork Pyrmont
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