First Integral Teal Encounter

Thu 8 November 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm FREE!
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First Integral Teal Encounter - Swissôtel CrossRoads Bar Sydney - Sydney - NSW
Good morning/evening to all dear visionaries, This group want to bring together all the people in Australia & New Zealand who believe that organisations are effective even without a hierarchy. The group is inspired by the "Integral Approach" to everything developed by Ken Wilber and the Teal principles in the Frederic Laloux's book "Reinventing Organisations". Gary Hamel, professor of the London Business School, in the book "The future of management", already described in the need to revolutionise the way in which people interact in small and big groups. Isaac Getz, professor of the business school ESCP Europe, has also passed in the book "Freedom inc." Like W.L. Gore Associates, different organisations have "freed" their collaborators, leaving them self-managed and achieving exceptional results.

These revolutionary words have three key principles:

Self-management: employees are autonomously managing their work

Integrity [in the sense of completeness]: people who can be glimpsed. This means not limiting oneself to the hard and impassive professional side, but also bringing within passions, doubts, fears and beliefs.

Evolutionary purpose: these are a profit target because profit has come to the air, it is necessary to survive but you do not live to breathe.

Someone told me one day: "if you have the need to give back, it's because you have already taken too much". Let's find than other values that can feed this world, and change our focus on from a financially driven society to a more responsible and human ecosystem. We evolve over time because people grow and there are always new opportunities to be grasped. Want to share a placeholder for a first informal encounter and enable us to share ideas around these topics.

Looking forward to meeting you all
Thu 8 November 2018
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Swissôtel CrossRoads Bar Sydney
68 Market Street,
2000, Australia