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Fountain -  - Woolloomooloo - NSW
Sundari Carmody’s Fountain, consists of a series of aromatique vapours that are delivered into the gallery environment by a set of prototype misting devices. She has synthesised oils from flowers whose popular names (Moonflower, Evening Primrose, Night-Blooming Jasmine) attest to a nocturnal phenomenon and whose fragrances are evocative of the night. She combines these with other substances – melatonin and Poppy Seed oil, both of which are sleep inducing and luringly suggestive of the dark. Fountain is informed by Carmody’s research in the fields of botany and cosmology. Her focus has been on the growth cycles (circadian rhythms) of medicinal and psychoactive plants, the history of observations of planetary and galaxy rotation, and the altered states of consciousness associated with both. It is often in the liminal state, between wakefulness and sleep that we might sense traces of things that lie beyond the threshold of ordinary perception. Fountain, subtly crafts an intoxicating atmosphere to usefully illustrate the possibility of such encounters.
Wed 3 April 2019
10:00 am - 5:30 pm
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Firstdraft, 13-17 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo,