Leveraging Acoustic And Visual Recognition For Competitive Advantage - Sydney

Thu 26 July 2018 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm FREE!
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Leveraging Acoustic And Visual Recognition For Competitive Advantage - Sydney - The Westin Hotel - Sydney - NSW
Leveraging Acoustic and Visual Recognition for Competitive Advantage Executive Brief: Embracing The Future Of Enterprise Asset Management

Anywhere there are high-value, revenue-producing assets, there will be the need to inspect and maintain them. The challenge is that plant equipment, buildings, rolling stock, pylons, dams or even wind farms can often be in remote and sometimes dangerous locations.

The solution? The process of inspecting assets for structural or preventative maintenance using advanced technologies such as visual and acoustic recognition, coupled with artificial intelligence engines and drones is quickly becoming commonplace.

And it’s not just utilities, these technologies are directly applicable and actively used in a range of industries including; Transport Agriculture, Mining, Manufacture, Facilities, Solar and Water.

Imagine a drone capable of simply taking shots of the structures and the time savings this could provide or a sensor picking up audio deviations on a production line. Artificial intelligence systems can then automatically compare the images or audio to areference file, identifying potential problems and points of failure.

Sound like sci-fi? Then join IBM and Certus as we take you through a series of piratical demonstrations and uses cases showing you first-hand how leading ANZ businesses are Integrating A.I. visual and acoustic processing and with their core operational systems and business processes to deliver real operational excellence and provide a point of competitive differentiation.

Come along and be inspired. During this interactive session we will cover:

Market overview – Market trends and new development, how technology is transforming the Asset Intensive Industry and the keys to successfully leveraging it.

Case Study overviews – Hears first-hand how both Certus and IBM and helping companies like yours to leverage this new technology to drive sustainable competitive advantage.

Practical demonstrations – Get hands on with the technologies that make all this possible. You will gain a practical overview of how they work and how you can leverage them within your own environment.

A.I. Visual and Acoustic processing and drones are not Sci-Fi. They are fast becoming standard practice and something that we should all be looking to leverage as we build out our operational models and seek to maximise the investments that we have made in our revenue-producing assets.

Don’t let technology leave you behind. Join us for the executive briefing and understand the pathway to digitising your operations.

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Thu 26 July 2018
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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The Westin Hotel
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