Shambhala Principles Guided Meditation Class

Sat 21 July 2018 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm FREE!
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Shambhala Principles Guided Meditation Class - Bradfield Park - Milsons Point - NSW
The next Shambhala Principles Meditation Class shall be hosted at Bradfield Park (right underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge) this coming Saturday (7th July) at 1pm. We shall congregate on Fitzroy Street segment of the park, right opposite the "La Capannina" to be precise.

This meditation class is free for all.

If you are interested in attending the class, please purchase a free registration ticket on Eventbrite, and then email me on I shall then register you and provide you with my phone number, which you can contact me on, in case you cannot find the venue.

INFORMATION ON THE SHAMBHALA PRINCIPLES MEDITATION CLASSAttendees shall gain Shambhala Principles meditation techniques from the Saptarrishi Dhyana Yoga path from Hindu Vedanta and Tibetan Buddhism spiritual lineages, particularly those disseminated by Guruji Krishnananda and Maharrishi Amara. We shall be practicing each of the meditation techniques, which last on average 7 minutes (minimum time). While meditators can practice each technique as long as they want, we shall stick to the 7 minute duration for each one, due to time constraints. Each technique is designed to assist the meditators in a particular aspect of their lives, such as health, relationships, work and even world/universal/multiversal peace. Afterwards, there shall be a discussion, including Q&A on the Shambhala Principles meditation techniques. At the end of the session, attendees shall leave with the means to practice these meditation techniques, which are designed to improve health and spread love and compassion to our family, friends and pacify war, conflict & suffering on Earth, the universe and multiverse, particularly through light channelling. In addition, they shall learn more about the (allegedly "mythical") kingdom of Shambhala, an abode in northern Tibet of perfect light beings, renowned in Hinduism and Buddhism mythology. A brief discussion on Shambhala during the meditation session, will be in the context of the Shambhala Principles, which the kingdom's inhabitants abide by as their primary code of ethics and spiritual practice. A free online ebook, along with links to other reading material, on Shambhala Principles shall be provided to each attendee at the end of the session.
Sat 21 July 2018
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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Bradfield Park
Fitzroy Street (Right Opposite The Restaurant "La Capannina"),
Max 5 Minute Walk From Milsons Point Train Station.,
Milsons Point,
2061, Australia