The Woollahra School Of Philosophy: Neuroscience, Crime And Punishment

Thu 13 December 2018 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm FREE!
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The Woollahra School Of Philosophy: Neuroscience, Crime And Punishment - Woollahra Library at Double Bay  - Double Bay - NSW
Should brain scans be used in the criminal courts? If so, for what purpose?Is there a crime gene and if there is should it make a difference to the way criminals are punished ?If neuroscientists find safe ways of medicating criminals to stop them reoffending should the courts be able to impose compulsory medication on offenders?Will neuroscience revolutionize the way society deals with crime?These are just some of the questions raised by an emerging field of study known as “neurolaw” which considers the legal and ethical implications of neuroscience for the courts. Our panellists will consider these questions in a lively evening of discussion of these important issues.PanellistsJeanette KennettJeanette Kennett is a past president of the Australasian Association of Philosophy and current Professor of Moral Psychology and Head of the Philosophy Department at Macquarie University. She leads the Moral Cognition, Neuroethics and Neurolaw Research Cluster of the Macquarie Research Centre for Agency, Value and Ethics (CAVE) and is team leader of the Australian Neurolaw Database network. Her research focuses on issues of moral and legal responsibility and on agency impairments in addiction and psychopathology. She is a Fellow of the Australian Humanities Academy.Nicole VincentNicole A Vincent is a philosopher at the Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation, University of Technology Sydney. She has over forty scholarly publications on topics in neurolaw, neuroethics, bioethics, ethics, philosophy of tort and criminal law, political philosophy, and philosophy of technology. She has also enjoyed popular media coverage via TED talks, television and radio interviews, newspaper articles, and public debates.Allan McCayFormerly a solicitor with the global law firm Baker McKenzie, Allan McCay is a researcher at the Law School at the University of Sydney, and teaches at the University of Sydney Foundation Program, and Law School. He is also an Affiliate Member of the Centre for Agency, Values and Ethics at Macquarie University. His research focuses on criminal responsibility and sentencing (in particular neuroscience and the criminal law), philosophy of punishment and free will.

The event will be moderated by Michaela Kalowski

Light refreshments served from 6:15pm
Thu 13 December 2018
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
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Woollahra Library at Double Bay
451 New South Head Rd,
Double Bay,
2028, Australia