Traditional Chinese Ink Painting Course July – Sept 2017

Sat 5 August 2017 @ 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm FREE!
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Traditional Chinese Ink Painting Course July – Sept 2017 - China Cultural Centre in Sydney - Sydney - NSW
Traditional Chinese painting is also known as ink wash painting and is created using a brush dipped in ink and water, compounds, and painted on rice paper (Xuan paper). This course is for students with minimum experience, allowing them to learn basic techniques including how to handle the Chinese painting brush with ink and colour, to execute brush strokes professionally as well as to develop skills to draw different subjects.

During each class, our experienced teacher will instruct each student based on their levels and interests. By the end of each class, students can expect to complete at least one Chinese painting of flower, bird, landscape or other subject that fascinates them. Students are also encouraged to be creative in designing greeting cards and book marks via ink wash painting skills towards the end of the course.

Trial Classes:

ONE trial class only for each person registered.

If you have registered for a trial class, please let us know at the reception before entering the classroom. If you would like to proceed with the course after the trial, you will be required to pay for the total number of classes you wish to attend including the trial class.

Fees: $230* for 8 lessons including $30 material (ink, pigment, brushes and xuan paper). All payment will be made at reception upon enrollment.

Teacher: Mr. Chi Lik CHEUNG(Franz)
Sat 5 August 2017
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
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China Cultural Centre in Sydney
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